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Fear and anxiety are in the way of doing many things in our life and it isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone. Join us through series of ongoing events and workshops to learn pioneering systems and self-help tools based on Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine that have consistently led many all over the world to true recovery, from fear, anxiety and trauma, not just coping for the rest of one's life. And do it in a way that is fast, safe and lasting, by following universal principles and understanding structures of our bodies and the fact that we live in a state of energetic displacement and misalignment.

Plato and most non-western traditions viewed anxiety and trauma not merely as something being “wrong” with a person, or an illness, but as a loss of balance between the psyche and body (soma), hence the origin of the term psychosomatic symptom.

You may find what is going on with you particularly scary because no one can explain your symptoms, and you feel a loss of control. But, from energy psychology, we learn that the disconnection of the psyche and the body happens in a particular order, according to certain rules and structures, which leads directly to the symptoms you experience.

But it's not your fault that energetic misalignment is holding you back. There is nothing "wrong" with you or how you feel. Your fears are not irrational. Your symptoms are not un-explainable. When you reintegrate back as you heal your trauma, you become whole and you will find that all the symptoms disappear along with the anxiety and fears.
(to learn more about structures and symptoms listen to a FREE interview with Victor Vinkus on http://www.healingwithouteffort.com (http://www.healingwithouteffort.com))

We deserve to be comfortable in our body and with things around us. This meetup could be an invaluable support tool for all the work that you are doing in your life or other systems and tools you are already using.

Learn the most effective self-help techniques for clearing worried mind, stopping persistent thoughts and most importantly, being comfortable in the body. It will work in cases of acute and chronic trauma, but it is an amazing tool in everyday life. Many unexplainable symptoms and pains that we have is a result particular displacement and misalignment of your energy as a result of trauma and stress.

This meetup is for individuals who want to learn how to heal themselves (and others) from a wide range of emotional trauma that may hold you back in your life – fears, anxiety, depression, panic disorders, and fears/phobias. (All types of emotional trauma will be covered depending on the needs of the group, including childhood emotional trauma, PTSD, abuse, rape, alcoholism and drug abuse)

This meetup is not about just coping with these conditions, but about reversing them, even when other methods have failed.

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Do you dream, do you hope to be free one day from the grips of fears, panic, anxiety, depression, PTSD or any other emotional trauma? You've invested so much time and energy in getting to where you are now but, so often like the end of a rainbow, it moves away from you the closer you get to it.

All that is about to change though!

Come and join this group if you are looking for a friend
who is on your side,
who can meet you exactly where you are,
who can go with you to where you want to go,
who can offer some helpful advice and explanations
who knows that your stories are not baseless, and knows it better then you could ever imagine.

Let us make this meetup 'the light at the end of the tunnel'! One last door that needs to be opened before you can step into a place of wholeness and freedom from all that holds you back. Come and join in us to heal together.

We do not support strict dogma or belief systems. All the exercises are experiential and based on principles that are universally grounded in a wide range of spiritual traditions. An effective system has to make sense and produce tangible results.

Yuliya Cohen is an internationally known expert in the area of anxiety and trauma. Over the last 25 years, she have developed a pioneering system presented at the International Energy Psychology conference in USA and Canada. She has enabled thousands of people to heal from most severe fears, anxiety and trauma in a way that is safe, lasting and with a sense of ease using her groundbreaking method for correcting energetic displacement. Formerly a computer scientist and an engineer, she is the founder of the Energy Restructuring Institute where she carries out research in the emerging fields of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

She is an author of a book "Energetic Boundaries: The New Paradigm in Effortless Healing"
and an upcoming paradigm shifting book "The Four Gateways to Recovery - The Forgotten Path of Returning to Wholeness from Anxiety, Panic and PTSD"
More info about Yuliya is at www.healingwithouteffort.com

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