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We have a great speaker lined up for you this month. Robert Cohn, will be discussing the XDK framework and how we can use it to distribute our html5 games to native platforms such as Android and iOS. Below is a summary of what he will be talking about.

Hope to see you all there!

P.S. thanks again to the folks at Cantina for hosting us.


If you know how to make games in HTML5, I will show free & open source tools that make it easy to publish your app in native app stores for iOS, Android, Windows (desktop and mobile), Mac, Linux, Chrome, and more.

Intel XDK: IDE for writing cross-platform mobile apps in HTML5. Mobile device emulator, debuggers, profilers, and a cloud based build system so you don’t need to install android/windows/ios platform SDK’s

Crosswalk: Chrome for Android is a powerful browser, but when you package your HTML5 game as a native app for publication in google play, you will be using a different web runtime that does not support webgl, webaudio, webrtc, and all the other features that make chrome great. Crosswalk gives you the best of both worlds. It’s a wrapper that lets you publish your HTML5 game in google play, and gives you the full power of chromium and phonegap.

Node-webkit: Similar to crosswalk, but lets you publish HTML5 games as native apps for windows, linux, & mac

The android exporter for Construct2 (not free, but inexpensive) targets XDK & Crosswalk, and I can show how to export your game from construct2 to make apps that can be submitted to google play.




Using them with construct2:

Robert Cohn

Intel XDK Architect