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NetSAP Boston: Why some Indians make it to the top and some don't

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Rising to the top: Why some Indians do and some Indians don't: What are the key factors that determine the success of Indians? What are the common challenges that successful Indians have had to overcome? Professor Guptara offers insight on how Indians in the US can increase their likelihood of finding success both professionally and personally. Save your spot by registering on Eventbrite now! Link:

Note: The talk is 1 hour long by the Professor followed by a self-funded networking dinner

Prof. Prabhu Guptara Bio: Economist, public intellectual, author, business professor, poet, scholar of religion, publisher and entrepreneur, Prabhu Guptara is a global renaissance man. Professor Guptara worked for 15 years as Executive Director at Wolfsberg, a subsidiary of UBS, running UBS think tanks with political and corporate leaders as well as managing the UBS Distinguished Speaker Series. Within academia Mr. Guptara has served on the International Board of Advisors of the London Business School and now divides his time between Switzerland and India, serving as a Board member of the Institute of Management at St Gallen University and as a Distinguished Professor of Global Business, Management and Public Policy at William Carey University in Northeastern India. Although an expatriate, Mr. Guptara advises on a number of development and educational projects in India.