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This is a group for KNIME users or anyone interested to learn more about what KNIME is and can do with your data. We will have events focusing on application stories but will also have talks and discussions on KNIME and other projects integrating with or in KNIME - such as R, JFreeChart, and Weka to name just three. We will also bring in key KNIME developers regularly as well, so discussions on KNIME interna are also very welcome. If you have an interesting KNIME story to tell - please do contact us!

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Data Connect: North America

Online event

Join us to take part in a Learnathon about data blending, machine learning, and model deployment using KNIME based on three groups: one group working on ETL, one group on machine learning, and one group on deployment.

At the end, we will open up the virtual event area - in the form of a beach! - for you to meet other attendees and KNIMErs, and discuss. Let’s talk about your data science best practices, the tools you’re using, your research focus... Bring your topics to the beach!

We welcome new and expert KNIME users, developers, educators, and researchers to this event!


06:00PM- 06:05PM- Door Open & Welcome

06:05PM- 06:35PM- Intro to the KNIME talk

06:35PM- 08:05PM- Learnathon session by Corey Weisinger

08:05PM- 09:05PM- Networking Hour

Here is what awaits you!

✅ Learn and get to know the deep insights on Data Processing.

✅ In-depth knowledge and experiences shared by the expert speakers.

✅ Constructive session on topics like- ETL, Data modeling and deployment.

✅ Networking hour, where you can interact, learn and grow together with other attendees in the fun and engaging GatherTown space.

Meet the Speakers:

Corey Weisinger - Data Scientist with KNIME in Austin Texas. He studied Mathematics at Michigan State University focusing on Actuarial Techniques and Functional Analysis. Before coming to work for KNIME he worked as an Analytics Consultant for the Auto Industry in Detroit Michigan. He currently focuses on Signal Processing and Numeric Prediction techniques and is the Author of the Alteryx to KNIME guidebook.

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KNIME Data Talks - Community Edition

Online event

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