network, hear some IoT presentations, & brainstorm creating an IoT community

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We've now hit 50 attendees and 75 who are signed up for the group. Don't forget to check out the bios of the other attendees so you can target your networking!

Our speakers list is complete, and we think you'll be impressed! In addition to Josh Siegel of the MIT CloudCar project and Carson Darling and Chao He of RestDevices, we'll be hearing:

Matthew Hooper, co-founder of Vigilant (, a leading provider of BSM/ITSM solutions, and regarded as one of the foremost experts on end user experience management, performance management and enterprise monitoring experience, will take a look at the growing controversy around personal data, and how to effectively market onsocial channels and mine big data without ‘crossing the line’. Sokwoo Rhee, chief technology officer at Millennial Net (, a pioneer and innovator in wireless sensor network technologies now rapidly driving those capabilities into products and enterprise solutions for wireless energy management, among other applications. Rhee will showcase its digital pneumatic thermostats and dynamic OEMapplications using its Meshscape wireless sensor network technology. Jake Cacciapaglia, head of Platform Business Development for RunKeeper (, who will talk about how their Health Graph API has helped the company partner with more than 100 other companies -- an inspiring example of IoT collaboration.


Great news!

Josh Siegel, the hardware and embedded software lead for MIT's CloudCar project has just confirmed as our main speaker. I invited Josh because open standards are so important to achieving the IoT's full potential: CloudCar is attempting to create a single open standard that would be usable across the entire telematics field, bringing together proprietary programs such as OnStar and new open standard innovations. Better yet, the MIT team's vision extends to "CloudCity," consisting of CloudPeople, CloudWork, CloudHomes... all providing big data in a central location with a common API.

We'll be announcing a few additional speakers that will be giving short, TED-type talks, including industrial M2M manufacturers, small start-ups in the commercial space, etc.: just enough to get the talk going, which, afterall, is the main reason for convening this group!

PS: Let me know if you're interested in presenting at a future meeting!

Another great addition to our program! Carson Darling and Chao He of RestDevices ( will be representing the start-up community with a presentation on their Peeko "onesie," whose built-in sensors can help reduce the parental nightmare of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Here's what I blogged about the Peeko recently (