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If you're doing online dating you might be overwhelmed and frustrated and discouraged and could probably use some guidance.

Wouldn't it be cool if you didn't have to do it alone?! Wouldn't it be cool to figure out the online dating thing together with other people doing the same thing and get support from each other and actually make it a fun social experience too???

Well that's what the Boston Online Dating School Meetup group is all about. You don't have to go at it alone at home sitting in front of your computer. Figure out the various aspects of online dating and actually improve your profile while in community and really have some fun with it. Get help and ideas from eachother and knowledgeable people in various related fields that could lend some ideas in making your online dating experience Successful AND fun. You don't have to struggle with it ALONE!

The whole online dating thing is a mystery and it could easily get frustrating and discouraging. We all need some help with the online dating thing.

How do you write a good profile? Let's actually do it together and get real time feedback from the folks there of the gender that your profile is meant to attract. And fix it on the spot!!

How does your attitude effect your online dating experience and success? Lets find out how to change it and actually find out and fix all the problems with online dating in one evening. I'm serious!

Photos are so important with online dating but what if you're not photogenic?What does it mean to be photogenic or not? And how can you actually change it??!!! Let's learn how to change your photogenicity and practice doing it on class with each other.

What makes an online dating profile photo actually effective to attract the people you are looking for and actually have then look further and read your profile or respond to your messages. We'll learn how do you take those kinds of photos and actually practice doing it for other during the class.

Can you really find love with online dating? How do you do it?

How can you make your profile really effective and REALLY reflect who you TRULY are?

How do you successfully navigate the first date and do it safely?

How do you turn endless messaging into an actual date?

These are just a sample of the kind of workshops and meetups we will have and your ideas for others are STRONGLY encouraged. All of the meetups will have a significant social component.

Some possible meetups.

An evening learning how to write a better profile where part of the evening we actually write some of it AND get feedback from eachother.

Taking better dating profile photos. Let's learn how to do it AND take some of escher during class.

A workshop on how crucial your attitude is while doing online dating and learn how to change a negative attitude. Together we will actually come up with every possible online dating issue and problem AND see it changed before your eyes during the workshop.

These are just a sampling of workshops and evenings. But YOUR suggestions for others is KEY. We will be a community of folks getting support and supporting each other in doing this thing that is usually a very lonely process.

I hope you will join us in this community experience


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