Men's Adventure - Hike the Bonds and Zealand (Overnight camping)

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The Adventure Spark has requested only men for this hike. There is a female version of this hike and a mixed gender NOT OVERNIGHT Bond Traverse happening in June! Check them out!

Tents, cookware, sleeping bags, and other necessary items can be rented through Ridj-it on the link above.

This hike is all about good times with the fellas!

This is a 22 mile out-and-back hike. This is the game plan:
1.) Start at the visitors center and take the flat Lincoln Woods trail for 3 miles then branch into the Wilderness trail (we’ll swing by Franconia Falls before taking Wilderness).
2.) After 2 miles, the Wilderness trail will branch into the Bondcliff trail.
3.) We’ll reach the mighty Bondcliff after 6.5 miles and stop to take pics and enjoy the insane views.
4.) Mt Bond comes after another mile
5.) We’ll reach the Guyot Campsite and briefly prepare our camping plan.
6.) Next to the campsite is Zealand mtn, then turn back and hit up West Bond or return to campsite and do it the next morning.
7.) CHILL OUT and setup camp
8.) The way back will take about 8-9 hours, so we’ll leave early so we can hit the road and feast like kings.

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Recommended supplies:
-change of socks and underclothing
-convertible hiking pants, base layer top and rain shell
-Water: 3L reservoir, additional water bottle, and water filter (this is a must)
-Food:[masked] calories, good mix of protein, carbs, and sodium.
- sleeping pad with 1-2 person pop-up tent. Since this is a one-nighter, I would recommend a “hammock tent”.
-40-60 degree sleeping bag
-eye-mask and ear plugs so you don’t have to hear other campers when you sleep
-basic toiletries like toothbrush, TP, etc.
-headlamp with fresh batteries
-bug spray + sunscreen
-cigars for bondcliff pics