Nighttime Glow SUP and Afternoon Beach Hang - Cape Cod


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Glide across Cape Cod waters with this guided standup paddling (SUP) experience. This SUP adventure starts off in the early evening when the last light is slowly coming to an end, and as your vision becomes ever restricted from the darkness, your SUP will light up underneath as a small beacon to see the water beneath you. Curious seals will swim by you, and some of the more mischievous ones might jump out of the water and splash.

Before the SUP adventure, hang out at Linell Landing around 4:00 PM where you’ll see a variety of crabs and other sea life. Eat some snacks, take some drinks, and enjoy the beach before heading over to SUP the night! You must know elementary swimming skills. Life jacket and SUP gear are provided. Photos will also be taken by the guide. Arrive at beach at 4:00 PM (free parking). SUP starts at 7:30 PM.

Driver price: $52.00
Rider price: $75.00
Non-carpool price: $59.00