Martha's Vineyard Biking Adventure - 27 Miles


Needs a location


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Enjoy a beautiful bike ride in classic Martha’s Vineyard with calm bike trails and off-season delights! 27 miles of biking with stops at a café, beach, and then dinner before the ferry ride back is the goal. Plan on seeing marshes, ocean, and even lamas at a local farm. We can also stop off at a brewery or take a short boat trip to a Buddhist garden.

Bike rentals are available. Do not forget to select one when signing up. We will do our best to take your own bike but cannot guarantee it. If you sign up, please know that you are doing so even if it means bringing your own bike. We will keep you updated if someone has a bike rack.

Ferry tickets will be bought on site and are not included in this adventure ($17 for round trip ferry tickets). It also costs $8 round trip to bring your own bike on the ferry.

You must be comfortable biking for long periods of time. This is 27 miles, so if you have not biked for some time, please go to the gym and see how biking continuously at a higher resistance rating feels. You must know how to ride a bike to attend. This is not a fitness ride, so if you're looking for more mileage and a faster pace, feel free to post an adventure on Ridj-it that reflects your own desire!

Closed-toed shoes (no sandals, no hiking boots)
Jacket in case of wind
1 - 2 liters of water
Bag to hold everything
Change of clothes (optional)

Bike Rental $31.00