Mount Adams and Madison Loop

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We'll take the Air Line Trail to the Short Line Trail which will take us to Mossy Falls and the Ice Caves and then summit Mount Adams via the Gulfside trail.

After summing Mt. Adams, we'll take the Start Lake Trail to Star Lake and Madison Spring Hut. From the Hut we'll take summit Mount Madison.

From Mount Madison, we'll take the Watson Path to the Valley Way trial down back to the trailhead.

Elevation gain: 5,173 feet
Distance: 9.5 miles

1) Hiking boots
2) 2 - 3 liters of water
3) Day bag to carry your stuff
4) Electrolytes including gatorade or similar substance
5) Food plus snacks
6) Hat + sunglasses
7) Sunscreen
8) Bug spray
9) Map of this hike - this is not a professionally guided hike. You are joining a group of enthusiasts. You can pay $200/day for a guided hike by really great people up in the Whites. This is an adventure where you are entirely responsible for yourself even while the group is hiking together. You must have a map of this route through AllTrails or Gaia.