Hike Zealand and the Bonds

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A map of the route can be found here:

We'll be hiking several peaks in New Hampshire. We'll head up the Zealand Trail and onto the Appalachian Trail to get Zealand and see the Zeacliff then join the Bondcliff Trail over the ridge to get Mt. Guyot at 4,580 ft, West Bond at 4,526 ft. Bond at 4,698 ft, and 4,265 ft. Bondcliff then return back to the trailhead. The total length of the hike is about 18.4 miles with 4800ft of elevation gain. Due to the length of this hike, previous 4,000 footer experience is required to join this hike.

NOTE: This is a very long and strenuous hike, so bring at least 4 liters of water. Hikers that I am unfamiliar with or don't have much Ridj-it history WILL be screened. - Michael.

1) Hiking boots
2) 4 liters of water or water bladder plus water filter (life straw, sawyer, etc)
3) Lots of food
4) hat, sunglasses, bug spray
5) hiking poles optional
6) map of this hike (I am not your guide - be responsible).
7) electrolytes - water will not be enough. Gatorade or similar substance
8) headlamp in case it gets dark towards the end.