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Noon Pick Up Game Boston Pick up Soccer
• What we'll do A 7v7 game NOT MORE if more than 14 players another game has to take place on the side. Follow Host instructions • What to bring • Important to know

Cumnock Synthetic Fields 4-5

Boston, MA 02134 · Boston, MA

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What we're about

Welcome to Boston Pick Up Soccer

(Union Amateurs Football Club Boston)

How to become a member ?

Have a valid meetup account with Full Name and Picture. The organizers would have to approve. Becoming a member is also accepting the rules. You can be dismissed from the group at anytime if you would happen not to respect the rules. Waiver will be signed at your first visit. We play in a very special place, RESPECT the field, the other meetup or training. Our goal is to encourage positivism, safety and generosity. We are creating positive social change We start each game with a few words about the power of giving and encourage safe and supportive play.

Game style and Rules:

This is an Amateur all level group. COED are welcome to join

All Soccer players are allowed to play as long as they agree into these few rules.

1- HAVE FUN !!! It’s Soccer Time and a Beautiful Game

2- Come with a Positive Energy, great Mentality and your Ball

3- Respect each other, Act like Proper Gentlemen

4- No Rough Play, NO Tackles, NO Sliding,

5- All Fouls are called and NEVER to be discussed. The ball must be stopped & given back immediately.

6- We will divide into two teams based on everyone’s experience and skills if needed or 2 games if we have a lot of attendees.

7- All skills are allowed as long as you play the game according to the rules

8- RULES : PLAY SIMPLE PASSES (small field and/or 3 touches passes rules can be added)

9- No Ball Hogging

10 - Host have the liberty to warn you for keeping the ball and not interacting with other players of your team

11- We'll play 2 Half Time of 45-minutes game or a straight game of 90min.

12- Water Break : Please wait until half time, or just go one by one informing your team and opponent to keep the game on

13- Please use Turf shoes or sneakers if possible. You will not be allowed to play with hard cleats on turf, just on grass field when indicated. (to protect safety and injuries)

14- Bring a Colored and a White shirt. (pinnies/bibs can be provided)

15- Bad Behavior will not be tolerated. You will just be rejected from the group until new call.

16- Fighting is prohibited. If it gets physical, we may call the police as it becomes a felony/legal matter.

17 - Bring your water or drinks.

18- Remove all trash behind you.

19- NO ILLEGAL Substances on the field and its surrounding (Alcohol etc...)

RSVP : Please remember to RSVP (and to change your RSVP if your plans change). If you sign up and don't show up (thereby causing the game to have uneven numbers, or worse - making it so that there aren't enough people for a game), then you'll be swiftly shown the exit!Attendance will be taken at each game.

Late Arrivals : If you arrive late to the game, you would have to wait until the game in progress is finished to join your team. Inserting people in the middle of the game disrupts the flow of the game, and it's not fair to players that arrived on time. One advice, BE ON TIME

Field Rules : Goals after half point only.

Be the first to get the ball if it goes out of bounds.

We'll play with corner kicks and ground kick-ins and pop-up goals or small hard goals (lacrosse or other)

Throws in must be play on the ground.

Field Location : Soldiers Field - The field is located on the corner of Harvard Square is the closest T stop (red line). Cumnock Synthetic Field 5, Boston, MA 02134

Parking : You must park at one of the metered spots if you park on Harvard property near the stadium. They will patrol for cars parked illegally.

Time : Please be there 15 minutes earlier so we can get set up. Game Starts at 12.30pm

Disclaimer : By taking part in the group activities you hereby are agreeing to the rules and regulation of the meetup. In addition, you acknowledge you are volunteering to play at your own self-will and at your own risk. Neither organizer nor assistant organizers are responsible for any injuries or mishaps while partaking in the games. By RSVPing to attend our games, you accept full responsibility of your person and belongings, waiving any right to hold the group responsible. We encourage love of the game and for each other. We encourage friendly competition. Organizers reserve the right to remove players from the game if they refuse to be friendly.

To promote generosity, honor and respect Boston Pick Up Soccer plays clean soccer! This means no cursing, insulting, complaining, arguing or fighting! We welcome you if this is your usual style or if you want to change your attitude to fit our culture.

Game Hosts : J. Carlone, Akin, Derrick, Alex, Kennedy, Givensson, Phil, Russel

Co Leaders : Aman, Omar,

Fee : There is no fee, but a 1$ donation is always welcome & appreciated to provide goals, balls and clean pinnies/bib, and make the group grow.

Waiting List :
If all the spots are taken, please get on the waiting list. If a spot opens up and you are on the waiting list, you will be sent an automated e-mail letting you know that a spot has just opened :)

We have other meetup scheduled during the week

Weather Policy: Games will be cancelled if the weather conditions are severe such as snow, sleet or thunderstorms. If the game is cancelled, Hosts will send out an e-mail the morning of the game. Please check your e-mail. If you are unsure, or can't get to your e-mail.


Mentality : We have different Nationalities, Cultures, Religions but our Language is :

“The Field, the Ball, the Passing and RESPECT”

Try to be social out there, please shake hands, introduce yourself to players, talk after meetup. As Metaphor, shaking hands in real life is like passing the ball on the field. Don't try to be fancy, just play simple. A short pass is always safer than a long pass. Skills are not enough, remember with who you play. As an advanced player, passing a ball to a intermediate player requires also skills how he is going to adapt himself receiving the ball.

Remember the perfect equation : Good player + bad decision = Bad player : Average player + Good decision = good player : if you are great then, Good player + good decision = certainly a great player.

Training will also be organized along the year.

Some of us have few connections for leagues, teams or high level league, please stay in touch, it is our pleasure to make you grow if you are either a good player or a passionate player.

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