What we're about

We all seek improvement, whether it's improving ourselves, our lives, or the world around us. We often do this alone, but it's about time we combined our efforts.

This group is for all who wish to connect to others as human beings so that we may work together to bring out the best of us and achieve a better future together. The most important thing here is an interest in learning about each other and exploring new possibilities.

This group is not for those who don't like talking with others. It's okay to be shy though, as long as you have an interest in becoming more outgoing and improving your social skills.

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Where we are and where we want to be

Capital One Café

Where we are, and where we want to be―the difference between these two is the root of our frustration and unhappiness. The organizer Charles Zeng is here and ready to hear out any issues we are facing and figure out together a way to move forward and reach our aims. Any other member here is also free to pitch in on any potential ideas and solutions and helping each other out. Worry not if you have no aims at all: that might just mean your aim is to figure out an aim.

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