What we're about

This is a group for anyone in the Boston area who's single, wants to play sports and meet new people! Sports are definitely an easy ice-breaker and meeting up a few times gets everyone more familiar with each other. That's the ultimate goal here. I've met a bunch of new people from some sports leagues and I'm looking forward to meeting you! We'll get some discounted event tickets for happenings around the city as much as we can. Don't be shy and let us know if you have any other great ideas!

We'll have one-day sporting events, social/meetups, and get access to special pricing and discounted leagues! All skill levels are welcome! Our group will be friendly and fun and making connections with other 20 & 30 year-old young professionals in Boston will be easy...and cheap! If you have other single friends, bring them, too! We'll make up a team(s) and have a good time...we'll even compete in some bar/drinking games.

We are currently featuring singles social sports this fall from as low as $25 for 8 games! ( https://www.bostonsportsleagues.com/social-sports-598265.html ).
You can learn more about the best-prices social sports and other (more competitive) recreational leagues through BSL: https://www.bostonsportsleagues.com
You can always reach out here through Meetup as well!

Do you want to start a pick-up game or get people to join you at a local bar? Want to get more involved? I could definitely use the help! Let's get this going! If it sounds fun, we'll post it!


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