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Welcome to our social activity group. We're about more than the bar and club scene. Those events are great, but we're trying to offer an alternative to those events. I'm a firm believer that activity and themed based groups attract people who are more sociable and interested in meeting others.For us, the goal is to produce get-togethers that inspire conversation and interaction.

This group is dedicated to organizing small to medium-sized get-togethers, activities, and meet and greets. We want people to talk and find others who share common interests. We'll also be sure to include games, quizzes, and ice-breakers at every event in order to give people a way to approach and interact with other members. In the past we've organized a group fencing class, haunted bar tours, chocolate making classes, and movie trivia night.

This group will plan and organize 3-5 events per mont. We will offer a mix of team-building and activity events as well as happy hours and mixers. (Note: to manage your email subscriptions so you don't get inundated with messages, hover over your profile avatar, click settings, then turn your notifications off.)

*All events will have a theme i.e. Pop-Culture, Wine, International Night, Trivia etc.

*All event will have an assigned age range. This group will cater to members ages 25-55. There will be events for 20's & 30's, 30's & 40's, and 40's & 50's. Some events will have a wider age range like 25-45.

*We post at least 3 events per month for the 40+ crowd.

*All of our events will have a group representative on hand to act as a point person and make introductions.

Events will have admission fees of $10 - $40 to cover supplies, host fee, booked group activities, gratuities to venues, etc.

Please read your welcome message for group guidelines.

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