What we're about

The goal of this meetup is to bring together the community of supply chain practitioners wondering what the future of their industry looks like. We believe it's important to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to Supply Chain as more and more startups, engineers, and Silicon Valley "disruptors" enter this space. If you're curious, come on in and join the conversation, we love discussing the latest technologies from Blockchain, to AI, to Robotics and Self Driving cars.

What is FLOW?
This meetup is the local Boston chapter of a community of Supply Chain experts, entrepreneurs, and executives focused on innovation in this awesome space. If you'd like to learn more about the national organization check out http://www.joinFlow.org

FLOW's Mission
A forum for the best content & brightest people to experience flow states together, through an experiential, multidisciplinary approach to learning & unlearning of industry ‘best practices’ because everything has a supply chain & latency = waste or worse, death.

"Everything is a Supply Chain" -Bettina Warburg, Supply Chain Expert

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