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2018 Elections - will Democrats Violent MOB change minds? And GOSNELL Movie!
Many have stated, myself included, that what will drive the 2018 midterm elections has not happened yet. Well, with 23 days from the election (as of Monday October 15th) - what seems to be driving the situations and narratives? The Democrats have been calling for lack of civility and violence ("kick them"). The Kavanaugh hearings showed that mob action, including multiple cases of harassment and numerous threats of violence, death, rape, and even a BEHEADING VIDEO, have been visited upon members of Congress, their staff, and any Trump supporters. We will also discuss the GOSNELL Movie. This is an important film. It not only dramatically unmasks America's most notorious mass murderer, it exposes the politics of abortion and how something so completely evil (even by abortionists standards) can be completely ignored by just about everyone. GOSNELL is showing in theaters in Danvers, Kingston, Bellingham, Methuen, Hyannis, and Springfield (in MA). - Official website - Trailer - interview with screenwritter/producer Ann McElhinney Also, there is a movie - Trump@War, from Steve Bannon. I would highly recommend seeing it. We will also talk about Massachusetts politics too! Hope to see you there!

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