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This group is for PTSD and C-PTSD (complex trauma) survivors who are ready to heal using the latest research. This is not an emotional support group. We will not share our stories as the evidence shows that talking about trauma is not necessary for healing and can actually re-trigger some. Instead, we will learn how to heal our brains by using the latest in neuroscience. This will focus on mind-body approaches which balance the nervous system. THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR ANY TYPE OF THERAPY OR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL SERVICE! This is simply sharing education and techniques from one trauma survivor to others.

Essentially, it is not the event that is traumatic, it is the response. People including therapists often get hyper-focused on the details of the trauma. This creates a real challenge for those suffering with PTSD and trauma symptoms. Given the experience of trauma is stored in the deep inner brain at a sensory level and not at the cognitive level, words, memories and details are often few and far between. What is remembered, is the intense emotional trauma and somatic body experiences. Essentially, trauma lives in the body. This can be highly uncomfortable and devastating given trauma symptoms such as hypervigilance, panic, edginess, feeling unsafe, nightmares, numbing and shame are common experiences. Healing therefore involves dealing with the somatic emotional experience more than the cognitive rational experience. Healing also involves relationships given all trauma happens inside of a relationship and thus causes a break in our trusting attachment to others.

If you are well on your healing journey and would like additional tips and techniques to take you to new level of healing, this group is for you...especially if you've been in psychotherapy for years but still suffer the physical symptoms (emotional flashbacks, insomnia, anxiety, panic, etc...) because your nervous system health has not been addressed.

For those newly-diagnosed, I strongly recommend establishing a treatment plan with your health care provider before joining. I also recommend finding an actual Trauma Specialist (not just a therapist) who is well informed in these current modalities and can continue to support you throughout your journey.

Group dues are $2 per year to cover website expenses. You will have 30 days after joining to cover this. If you'd like additional information, I have provided a number of resources on my website and will continue to add as time goes on. I've included books, videos, etc... http://www.sacredlotushealingarts.com

About me: I'm an educator (17 years!), artist, musician, yogi, and trauma survivor. After being misdiagnosed for many years and not able to figure out why psychotherapy wasn't working for me (it worked great for everything but the trauma), I finally got the proper diagnosis and proper treatment. I've been blessed with a strong medical support team and I've decided to dedicate my life to healing and helping others on the same path. I wish you the best on your healing journey.

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