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Each month, fueled by food and beer, we talk about how to use TypeScript to its potential while delivering solutions for the web, web APIs, and mobile applications.

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September Boston TypeScript Meetup

EF Education First

There'll be food, beer, merriment, and TypeScript discussions and talks! This event will have one talk, and the rest of the time period will be an open workshop/hack session. This is a great time to bring in your projects, collaborate, and pick each other's brains about writing projects with TypeScript. We will have tables out that correspond to a level of experience with TypeScript: Beginner, Experienced, and Proficient. Our speaker this meetup will be Bryan Rodriguez from AkilyCO! He'll be talking about: "Functional programming survival skills with TS". Some information about Bryan: I’m Bryan Rodriguez I’m from Colombia, and I’m a software engineer and web developer with over six years of experience. Currently, I’m working at Akily an intentional play-based learning app (https://akily.co). I have been working with typescript since 2016 with technologies like Ionic-Angular, RxJS, Serverless, GraphQL, Graphcool, Apollo, NodeJS. I’m in always learning and have an infinite curiosity about web development and open source stuff. I love martial arts, parkour, swim, and play guitar as a hobby. https://brodriguez.herokuapp.com/

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June Boston TypeScript Meetup

EF Education First

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