What we're about

• Join us for open-minded discussion about the UFO's and ET reality.

• Discussion will vary every month, from sightings, abductions, history, who to trust and exo-politics.

• Share your own experiences and speculation or ask questions.

If you've ever wondered "Are we Alone?" or if you want to meet grounded people in the UFO world from all around New England, this is the meetup for you! We'll collaborate with folks from NEUFOR, Sea Coast Saucers NE Ufo Conference and Exeter UFO Fest.

My life drastically changed eight years ago when I watched the disclosure project from 2001. It changed again about two years ago when I saw lights in the sky.


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Panera Bread

Bring your experiences, interest level, questions and perspectives. Last meeting we talked about Richard Dolan, Steve Bassett, Linda Moulton Howe, Stanton Friedman, John E Mack and more

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