What we're about

A vegan meetup is where vegans (whatever their PHILOSOPHY about being vegan) and vegan-oriented persons (NOT "tire-kickers" who come "to gawk at the vegans") with similar interests get together and hang out. If you TWEET, we instantly become a TWEETUP.

DUES is $12/year, but you can give the organizer $10 in person - and all is cool. But you can coast for 6 months for no cost, and if you volunteer for Fair Foods twice (4 hours total) or for any VEGETARIAN or ANIMAL RIGHTS CHARITY or nonprofit (including BVS, MARC, PETA, Laura Ray, etc.) - 4 hours total (and you report it), you get your annual membership free. Also, if you attend any THREE (3) in-person events POSTED on this meetup, you get your your annual membership free, and that counts for the other two sister meetups - if you're enrolled in either or both of them.

Because of our array of motives, some focus more on diet alone, while others are concerned with an integrated world-and-life view. We're a diverse lot, so we'll meet LOTS of folks whose interests are somewhat different from our own, but who share the vegetarian and vegan interests with usm but we may NOT agree with everyone on how important each of the elements in another's vegan worldview and personality is.

We used to have >6000 members; they were mostly lurkers, and only a subset of those >6000 members would attend any particular event. But now we have about 600 members, and the same dynamic is seen.

Further, by networking with BVS, GBBCC, MARC, BVA, NEAVS, other veg groups, and other meetups, we get to know one another.

Grasshopper, My Thai, Veggie Planet, Veggie Galaxy, Clover Food Lab, True Bistro, Red Lentil, Organic Natural, Life Alive, and others vegan hangouts are our favorite meeting sites.

We're always "BECOMING a vegan group"; BRING SOMETHING VEGAN-ORIENTED TO SHARE (newspaper clipping, book or DVD, photos, etc.) with other attendees as a way for them to get to know you and you to know them. Sharing IS "becoming" for veg*ans.

What and how can we share? A news article, a story with a vegan interest, some information (old or new) with a vegan slant, a memento of traveling as a vegan, info on a great vegan website or resource or event, etc. Be creative. Pleasantly surprise us.

While a monthly dining out group is hosted by Rick Williams, a monthly vegan meetup also is held on the 1st Saturday of each month - 11:30 am to 2 pm - at the Clover Food Lab at either:
* Harvard Square, Dunster Street? of Mass Avenue, Downstairs, Cambridge, MA 02138
*Clover Food Lab or elsewhere (watch the announcements)

Clover Food Lab is the default location

Vegetarian Happy Hours [Happy Hour with Vegetarians] or monthly dining out group
Join us AND the other Vegetarians-Of-Boston Meetups for the regular Vegetarian Happy Hours - or monthly dining out group
2nd Thursday of the Month - http://Vegetarian.Meetup.com/27/ (site varies)
1st Saturday of the Month - 11:30 am-2:00 pm (site varies, often at Clover in Harvard Square)
3rd Sunday of the Month - 4:00 pm-6:30 pm - Grasshopper - www.BostonVeg.org

We hold other events at an all-vegetarian restaurant, often by following the events of local vegetarian and animal rights groups.

Dinner with Dharma is held monthly at the Greater Boston Buddhist Cultural Center (GBBCC) in Cambridge, MA - $12 for the all-vegan buffet. March-October

We also tag along with BVS (BostonVeg.org), BVA (BostonVegan.org), Vegan Meetup events, and MARC.

Vegans - If you're here (in ANY one of the designations below), you belong in THIS GROUP

Former Vegetarian, Now Vegan
Fruitarian Vegan
Longterm Vegan
Newly Vegan
No Animal Products Vegan
No Leather Vegan
On the Veggie Vegan See-Saw
Organic Vegan
Raw Vegan
Tofu Rules!

Vegetarian Who Leans Vegan STRONGLY
Animal Rights Vegan
Eco-friendly Vegan
PETA-oriented Vegan
For Religious Reasons a Vegan
Non-Vegan, But Seriously Interested in Becoming a Practicing Vegan as already a Practicing Vegetarian
Abolitionist Vegans (Animals should no longer be treated as property)
Anti-PETA (PETA harms the vegan movement more than helps)
I Support the A.L.F. (Supporters of the direct action taken by the ALF)

Vegetarians - If you're here (in ANY one of the designations below), you belong in the Vegetarian Meetup

Casual Vegetarian
For Religious Reasons vegetarian (but not vegan)
Kinda Fruitarian
Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian
Macrobiotic Vegetarian (no fish)
Macrobiotic Vegetarian (with fish)
Occasional Vegetarian
Organic Vegetarian

Partial Vegetarian
Raw Vegetarian
Social Vegetarian
Transitional Vegetarian
Animal Rights loosely but not practicing veganism
Flexitarian (not a vegan but preferring vegetarian)
Non-Vegetarian, But Interested

Upcoming events (5+)

Vegan Nation (radio program) WCUW.org

Needs a location

VEGAN NATION WCUW 91.3 FM Worcester, Massachusetts. wcuw.org/vegannation (archived shows) Hosted by Marlene Narrow, every THURSDAY 4PM to 4:30PM ET. NOTE: Started February 1, 2018 Vegan Nation moves from Fridays 12:30 pm to 1 pm to THURSDAYS 4PM to 4:30PM. Listen anywhere in the world via wcuw.org (Click on the arrows to "listen live-stream"); and on your radio dial 91.3 FM in central Massachusetts. Thank you for caring enough to hear and be heard. www.vegansradio.wordpress.com https://www.facebook.com/263142117199183/photos/a.875829912597064.1073742141.263142117199183/875829929263729/?type=3&theater WCUW.org 910 Main Street Worcester, MA 01610 Phone number:[masked] Business website: http:..wcuw.org

Friday Evening Macrobiotic Vegan Community Dinner-99 Crescent Street, Auburndale

Register for this event OFFICIALLY at http://www.meetup.com/Whole-Health-Dinners-Gatherings-and-Presentations/ Price: $25.00 per meal = have $25 ready to hand them when you arrive. David’s, Margaret’s, and Abigail's home at 99 Crescent Street, in Auburndale, Newton, MA 02466 DELICIOUS DINNERS (and Take-Out, too) Prepared by DAVID SNIECKUS - MACROBIOTIC CHEF AND COUNSELOR - At 7:00 p.m. at the home of David, Margaret, and Abigail at 99 Crescent Street, in Auburndale, Newton, MA (from 7 pm until 10 pm) Dinners are often followed by a holistic presentation by a holistic presenter on various topics. Hosted by: Margaret Arndt (Host and Organizer) and David Snieckus [masked]

Boston Veg Food Fest Day 1

Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center

Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center (RLTAC) at Roxbury Community College Boston Veg Food Fest! FREE Admission! FREE vegan food Samples! http://bostonveg.org/ http://bostonveg.org/foodfest/

Vegan Chocolate Tastings Tour - Jamaica Plain

Needs a location


Vegan Chocolate Tastings Tour - Jamaica Plain The Vegan Chocolate Tastings Tour event for Jamaica Plain costs $35 per person and includes all Chocolate Tastings and local history with a guide. It lasts about 90 minutes, and guests must pre-register on the http://OffTheBeatenPathFoodTour­s.com website, where other information is to be found. https://www.offthebeatenpathfoodtours.com/jamaicaplainveganchocolatetour.html The 90-minute tour WILL be begin at 2:00 pm on MOST Saturdays. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JAMAICA PLAIN, BOSTON VEGAN CHOCOLATE ​TOUR Jamaica Plain, a vibrant neighborhood of Boston, has delicious food - which is why we created our JP Food Tour which runs on Sundays. But while doing research for the Food Tour, we soon learned that they have exceptional vegan food - meaning food that doesn't contain animal products or milk, eggs, or honey and is processed responsibly. Join us as we take you on a chocolate adventure throughout historic Centre Street. You'll love the treats we have in store while learning more about how chocolate is processed and its history. In this tour, we'll taste a variety of dairy-free chocolate of all kinds from small, independent stores. Take your family and friends on this vegan-friendly adventure that's sure to be a tasty one for the whole group! ​Saturdays at 2pm $35/pp includes all food tastings + City of Boston tax * Learn local history and all about chocolate! * Try all kinds of vegan ice cream created by a local couple * Sample freshly roasted chocolate and nuts or a mendiant * Enjoy a gourmet vegan specialty * Indulge in a rich vegan fudge and cacao smoothie https://www.offthebeatenpathfoodtours.com/jamaicaplainveganchocolatetour.html [masked]

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