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VRX: Immersive Enterprise 2018 – Day 1 After-Party. By Boston VRARA and BostonVR

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Jeffrey J. and Mike Festa .
VRX: Immersive Enterprise 2018 – Day 1 After-Party. By Boston VRARA and BostonVR


VRX 2018 is coming to Boston on June 26th and 27th ( bringing a top people making and using VR and AR for industrial uses. On the 26th, many of them will come to Wayfair for an afterparty to meet the local VR/AR community.

If you have a VR or AR demo you like to show off, please contact me or Mike Festa. It's a great opportunity to get your tech in front of some serious people.

Doors open at 7:30, event is free and open to the public. This event is jointly sponsored by the Boston chapter of VRARA and BostonVR. Free soft drinks and beer!


ROAR is a B2B Augmented Reality platform. The ROAR platform is designed as a content management system for AR, allowing brands, marketers, and retailers to cost-effectively create, deploy and dynamically update Augmented Reality-based promotions and campaigns. Customers use our simple web-based editor to create, then distribute AR experiences to their audience via our off the shelf app, a white label version of our app, or embed our scanner into an existing app via our SDK. ROAR works with brands, publishers, advertising agencies and experiential firms as customers, amongst others.

VR is a game changer for racing simulation. You are there at the track in a full blown race car. The laser scanned track and the car physics model are spot on. VR Motion Labs builds VR Racing Simulators that include 3DOF motion that precisely simulate the forces you feel inside the car. These simulators are used primarily for amateur and profession race training as well as serious sim racing.

THE TELEPOD: A Vehicle for Exploring and Manipulating Virtual Reality by John Holmes
A telepod is a vehicle that exists in both physical and virtual reality, and transports a user freely between the two and within the latter. Virtual reality can be viewed more as a new medium of transport than of information delivery. As when operating underwater, a vehicle designed from the ground up for its intended environment will overcome the constraints and exploit the affordances unique to that that environment. I am demoing a VR and screen based model of such a vehicle.

RELAXATRON™ by Brian C Knapp
A low-poly style experience to help distract long-term patients from pain and boredom.

A proof of concept example for automotive suppliers.

NICE SHOES by Mike Palmer
AR being used for sharing art from the National Portrait Gallery in London. See

We wish to demo our new generation headset for professionals. 5 K resolution, 170 FOV and many more new technologies.

iMOTIONS by Jessica Wilson
iMotions seeks to decipher the human experience by integrating and synchronizing multiple biometric inputs, such as eye tracking, galvanic skin response, and electromyography. Our biometric software platform has been used by academics and companies in multiple verticals including media and advertising, market research, gaming, healthcare, and military applications. Stop by our demo, where we will be demonstrating how to use and analyze VR-eye tracking and galvanic skin response to evaluate the user's physiological experience in an immersive virtual environment.

By Cindy Bishop

IQ3CONNECT by Michael Bloor
IQ3Connect is a virtual reality collaboration platform for 3D product data, enabling individuals and teams to participate in a real-time virtual reality meeting space. Whether using CAD, point clouds, or simulation results, teams can easily launch and conduct collaborative product design reviews from wherever they are in the world.

AR FOR CONSTRUCTION by Jeffrey Jacobson
Ahololens application for visualizing the water pipes, air vents, electrical conduits, etc., that go into a building. Intended to help planners synchronize work on the construction site with the central office design and planning.

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