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The Boston Women Build Confidence Group is a book club that is exclusively for Women. We focus on helping women develop the skills and strategies needed for reaching personal and professional goals. Please review the Updates for Group Membership

My team and I have talked about making our group as effective as possible, so we will be making some additional group participation rules moving forward. We take a lot of time to plan to have purposeful meetups so we wanted to give you the update before we review all members in the group. Many of you have shared the desire to build authentic relationships, grow in your personal development, and take risks to move beyond stagnation, and this is why I formed the group. As an educator my research has been about understanding the decisions people make as they persist towards reaching personal and professional goals. We really need to feel that we are part of something where we can feel welcomed, encouraged and challenged to move forward. I understand this group may not be for you. If you want a social group to connect around tea and hot coffee, this group may not be for you and that is okay:) However, if 2018 is the year you say, I want to "Upgrade My Life," (#UPML) than this is the group for you.

This group is for you if you have the following desires:

1. Serious about reaching new goals in your life

2. Are ready to actively engage, participate and communicate with others in the group

3. Are willing to make meetup events and RSVP by the deadline

4. Pay the meetup fee for the event prior to attendance

This ensures, that our meetup has a high standard of excellence and participate.

So we are asking you to do the following in the next 72 hours:

1. Introduce yourself in the group and make sure that you have a visible picture

2. Access the Discussion Forum and place your introductions there.

3. Join our Women Build Confidence Group online (

4. Subscribe at


How many meetup groups did you go to and wondered what the outcomes were? Our group will strive to really help you actualize some of the personal goals you are striving to reach and our activities, workshops, author chats and retreats, will be designed to do just that. I hope you invest in yourself in 2018

* I know our group may not be a fit for everyone, so we are asking that you compose your introductions, and RSVP to at least one meetup for the next upcoming events. It is okay if you cannot attend a meetup, but hopefully we can count on your participation within the next two months. Feel free to give me a call to chat and learn more, but we have a lot planned for our BWBC group. Lastly, we have an author online chat today so I would love to see you there. Here is the Link ( for access. We will talk about how to reach goals in 2018.

Dr. Allana Da Graca

BWBC Meetup Founder

President, Turning On the Lights Global Institute


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