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Welcome to Women in Data! Women in Data (WiD) is a 501c3 nonprofit focused on increasing diversity in data careers. This Meetup page is a part of WiD’s global community and provides quarterly symposiums and informal sessions. For additional information regarding Women in Data please visit our website at widusa.com (http://widusa.com/).


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Project Show & Tell

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Join us for a project show and tell as we hear from three speakers presenting on various topics ranging from personal projects, research projects and professional projects. This will be our last online event for WiD Boston in 2020 and what better than to inspire one another going into the new year and hearing what a few women in the field have been working on. Project topics will include image classification, NLP, and recommendation engines. Mounica Subramani, a recent Northeastern University Masters grad, will be discussing her project on image classification and the successes and challenges she's having with improving the ImageNet dataset. Luisa Herrmann-Nowosielski head of product management at Expert.ai will be sharing on her NLP work, a REST API that does syntactic and semantic analysis to determine the main topics and taxonomy, sentences and concepts, entity association and analyze the structure of text. Krittika Krishnan, Product Analytics Engineer at Pluralsight, will be going over her Insight Fellowship capstone project research with sentiment analysis & recommendation to use data science to help women make contraceptive choices. Hearing about the work of others can open new doors of understanding and curiosity and it makes this big wide field more relatable and accessible. AGENDA: 6:00 - 6:05 PM: WID Intro 6:05 - 6:20 PM: Mounica Subramani: From ImageNet to Image Classification 6:20 - 6:35 PM: Luisa Herrmann-Nowosielski: NLP - Expert.ai 6:35 - 6:50 PM: Krittika Krishnan, Ph.D: Sentiment analysis & recommendation 6:50 - 7:15 PM: Q&A and Closing Feel free to check out a few links in the meantime: Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/WomeninDataOrg/videos Website: https://www.womenindata.org/ We're looking forward to seeing you there on December 10th! WiD Boston

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Diversifying the Data Science Workplace

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