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Do Ukraine, Syria and the South China Sea get your geopolitical mind going? Are you an academic frustrated that New York and Washington are the key cities where foreign policy discussions take place? Are you just concerned about current events, but fed up with screaming TV talking heads, choreographed diplomatic talking points and sensationalism?

The key mission of this group is not "activism," per se, but to increase understanding of global issues via the articulation of well-formed, logical ideas. We aim to restore a decorum, introspection and thoughtfulness to foreign policy (and general political) discussion increasingly lost in the current zeitgeist of social media and television info-tainment.

And so, this group is a resource for anyone in Greater Boston to engage their inner policy wonk, and discuss key issues affecting our world today. Originally modeled after the French salons of the Enlightenment, the main focus of our meetup will be to allow people to have fun by adding their perspective and interpretation to interesting topics in intimate, low-key settings, with the aim of encouraging high-quality discussion. I will also link to other foreign policy events in the area. It's your world; let your voice be heard!

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The Crisis in Venezuela

MIT Building E51(Tang Hall)

Technological Change and International Affairs

MIT Building E51(Tang Hall)

International Institutions in International Affairs

MIT Building E51(Tang Hall)

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