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FEATURE TALKS: Market Timing Tools and Techniques by Rob Hanna of Hanna Capital Management and the blog Quantifiable Edges and Market Talk by Basil Chapman

Market Timing Tools and Techniques by Rob Hanna of Hanna Capital Management and the blog Quantifiable Edges

Rob’s talk will focus on short-term market behavior. As someone who also utilizes IBD-style trend following techniques he will explain how he began using short-term market timing techniques as a companion to the IBD style. The bulk of the presentation will cover several studies he’s conducted that have identified short-term market edges. He will also share several mechanical systems derived from those studies which could be used to extract profits. Both beginner and advanced members, including those already familiar with Rob’s work, should walk away with some fresh ideas and tradable techniques.

Topics Rob will cover:
The importance of the larger trend. Using the 200dma.
Simple system examples using the long-term trend.
Trend vs. Chop – How the market has evolved over time.
Simple chop-based systems.
Using trending or choppy market behavior as a filter.
Time stretches.
Using range and volume to help identify the end of a move.
Consecutive highs and consecutive lows.
Index gaps and the edges they provide.

Rob Hanna is a full-time market professional. He has served as president of Hanna Capital Management, LLC since 2001. From 2003 to 2007 his column “Rob Hanna’s Putting It All Together” could be found twice a week on In January of 2008 Rob began Quantifiable Edges. The blog and subscriber letters focus on assessing market action through indicators and history. Rob looks at price, volume, breadth and sentiment indicators. Some are well known and publicly available and others are proprietary. The frequent market studies he publishes in both his blog and newsletters help to provide a foundation for his market analysis and trading bias.

Market Talk led by Basil Chapman

At our meeting the first week of September a handout of the Dow's monthly chart pattern with the ChapmanWave notation of Peaks and Troughs was handed out. At that time the 200-ema on the chart was around the 8,880s (the Dow was around 11,500). In the very detailed yet broad based discussion that ensued regarding the bear market connotations -- from the Dow to the commodities (with an emphasis on the strong dollar) -- the 200-ema was featured as a simple technical tool for pinpointing likely downside intial targets in the various indices (upside in the dollar's case). Virtually every one of those indices' 200-ema lines have been pierced -- some decisively (dollar still has a way to go to rally to the 91s). I will cover where a countertrend rally can go to, and which IBD stocks are likely participants.

This premeeting will cover a recent Tom O'Brien volume analysis where Tom predicted recent price action. We will compare it to other recent Tom O'Brien predictions.

The Boston Tiger Meeting of the Tiger Financial Network meets starting at 5:30 PM. Go to ( to see the full announcement. For questions, see Bob Podd at [masked].

The agenda:
6:00 - 6:50 Pre-Meeting with Boston Tigers, led by Bob Podd
7:00 Introduction, Announcements, Polls by Doug
Market Talk led by Basil Chapman
Market Timing Tools and Techniques by Rob Hanna

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