Self Storage Investing Secrets!

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Scott Meyers is the foremost expert in self-storage investing. Scott will is going to blow your mind with a special area of investing that is often overlooked but it can make you some major profits.

Referred to as ‘ recession proof’ – believe it or not, Self-Storage is a major playing field. So much in fact that some of the other big named “gurus” out there in real estate investing have started merging into this market as well. And you don’ t have to make a major change over to just investing here – Scott is going to break down how and why you should be adding this to your portfolio.

What he told me next, about knocked me out of my chair. How about if you were to make a quick $10,000 finder’ s fee by referring small (and large) commercial properties to my friend Scott. Sound awesome?

At our meeting, he’ ll explain why lenders and owners are looking to “dump” Thousands of these properties nationwide, for a fraction of their market value, and how he’ s been cashing in on these overlooked bargains.

Want to know the best part... You can do this too! Business is so good, Scott is looking for 15 people to work with him and his team to find more of these properties for himself and his equity partners. He’ ll train you on what to look for, so all you have to do is find the deals and refer them over. Then you get a paid a finder’s fee of $10,000 once they close the Deal! All you do is “find” the property....... or Keep them for yourself!

He’ ll explain how you can get in on the ground floor of this “once in a lifetime” opportunity to finally break into Commercial Real Estate, without Breaking the Bank.

By the way, you DO NOT need:

• Your own money

• Good credit

• A background in Real Estate

• A real estate license

• Scott is looking for 15 people to work with his team to find these bargain commercial properties, and spots will be going fast.

You DO NOT want to miss your chance to get “in”, so make sure you attend the meeting AND the 1 day Workshop

Meeting AGENDA

5:30 PM – Multifamily Investing with Charles Dobens (MEMBERS ONLY Session)

6:30 PM – Registration & Vendor Area Open

7:00 – 7:30 pm – Announcements, Deal Making, Speed Networking

7:30 - 9:00 pm - Scott Meyers - Self Storage.


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