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Bilingual Verbal Nerds - Mandarin and English
Bilingual persons who are REALLY GOOD in EITHER Mandarin Chinese OR English - to help those learning one of those two languages - to have conversations EVERY Tuesday (weekly) from 6:30 - 9:00 pm. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, let's get verbose together - in two languages - English and Mandarin Chinese These are fun, Mandarin-English conversations Tuesday evenings - 6:30-8:30+ pm - each week [We hope ALSO to start a Cantonese-English conversational group when the number of Cantonese speakers is large enough.] You will NEED to RESPOND to the host to get a one-night building pass 6:30-7 pm - Bilingual introductions 7:00-7:30 pm - Talk in Two Languages (showing off competence in both) 7:30-9:30 pm - Open Conversation ('Free Chat') - talk with the others whom you like the most * Names (first and last, as they appear on current ID) * Where and how you've studied Mandarin (in Taiwan or In China, in USA, online, in Chinatown) and your current proficiency level (conversational listening, beginning, intermediate, advanced, technical expert, medical expert, legal expert, etc.) * Students, postdocs, fellows, researchers - we love you - come be part of a smart bilingual group * Learners and teachers, we like you, also. * Bring your skills and talents, your language experience, and we'll see how we can make this a high-quality FREE event (in several locations) for more people with this Bilingual Mandarin-English conversational interest - Tuesdays each week, all year Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (HSPH) 677 Huntington Avenue, Longwood Medical Area (near Brigham Circle, on E-Line) Kresge 209, 2nd floor (back courtyard entrance) Boston, MA 02115 Need to RESPOND to host to get one-night building pass to Harvard building. Give e-mail and first and last names. Sign up for the event both here and ALSO at

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They said it was impossible. They said it couldn't be done. Create a way to organize and empowers thousands of caring people to help fellow Bostonians in need? And do it in a no-hassle, no commitment way where folks can easily choose where and how they want to help?

When we started the Boston Volunteers, we bucked all the trends. No mandatory training sessions for new people. No large corporate structures or high costs. Simply a bunch of good-natured and hard working people wanting to make our little corner of the world a better place. Why?

Because we believe in better.

With nothing more than word-of-mouth reputation, as a springboard, and a knack for gathering some of the coolest people around, the Boston Volunteers have experienced exponential and geometric growth. Who would have imagined that in three years we'd have more than forty seven hundred good-hearted Boston Volunteers standing up and fighting for better? Not us, for sure!

While we are so incredibly grateful for all the volunteers who are already part of our community, there are still countless people in our neighbourhood who find themselves in need. That's why we need you. All you need is a caring heart and a willingness to share a little bit of your valuable time.

Join us and spend an evening in a Boston soup kitchen; help tutor a single, local mom so she can earn her GED; rebuild your neighborhood playground so kids can play safely; kayak and clean the Charles to better our environment; build a home for a local family; spend time with the elderly. The variety is endless and refreshing. You choose where and when. There will be a convenient volunteer celebration for you. Don't miss this easy opportunity to build community.

While the Boston Volunteers have a well-earned reputation for having hard working and dependable folks, we're also known to have a pretty good time doing so. Beyound having fun while helping others, we also celebrate a variety of social events in your neighbourhood where we simply spend a little time relaxing and getting to know each other.

Volunteer enough and you will make some meaningful and lasting friendships with some truly great people. I've build a growing and meaningful community. We often see each other at community volunteer events and frequently go to museums together. Please know that since day one, we have been an open and inclusive nonprofit community, where every volunteer- regardless of superficial differences is valued, respected and needed. Not only can you choose where and when you would like to volunteer, but also you are encouraged to bring new ideas and new volunteer opportunities to our attention. And if you have a passion and there's a need, we'll get you set up to lead your own volunteer event. We revere the can-do spirit.

Can you think of how we can better help people? Please share.
We are determinedly pursuing perfection.

Are you ready to partner with a community our like-minded folks as we help our neighbors in need? Set-out to make our city a better place for us all?
Learn more about our popular nonprofit, take a peek at upcoming celebrations, sign up when there's a space, and start making a difference! If you ever have questions, feel free to email any of the assistant organizers. We are here for you.

Welcome to THE BOSTON VOLUNTEER FAMILY! We anticipate volunteering with you!
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