Past Meetup

Thanksgiving Potluck with Boston Volunteers on Thanksgiving Eve


Dear Boston Volunteers,

Are you missing your family this Thanksgiving? Did all your friends gone home? Are you by your self and feeling lonely? Are the streets empty and all the stores closed? I know how it feels, if you don't have any plans, lets meetup for the Thanksgiving eve and have a nice dinner with the BV family.

Two of our volunteers generously offered a place to host the evening and dinner. You are welcome to bring drinks and extra food.

*****Due to the amazing response and to accommodate the people on the wait list, I moved the venue from an apartment to a party lobby. As we have upto 30 people, lets make it a potluck. Lets gather on the actual thanksgiving eve, Wednesday.

.. prepare/contribute a Dish to the gathering. Please pick an appetizer or Main meal or Desert of your choice and add a comment to the event page.

Pick one from the list (or add if necessary):


Main meal


Disposable plates and cutlery for 30 people.

Soda and Water for 30 people

Cups and napkins for 30 people

NOTE: If you cannot contribute a dish, its totally OK, we are a family and feel free to join the dinner.


I will send you an email with the address 2 days prior to the event.

Lets enjoy the evening and forget the rest.

Thanks and see you


The Boston Volunteers
Big enough to Deliver, small enough to care
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P.S. Many Boston Volunteers are friending our friend, the popular Paulette.

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