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Atlas Soul (Maghrebien Funk, World , Jazz)

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Atlas Soul ( is playing Copperfield ( Saturday December[masked] at 9:00 PM

Atlas Soul ( a cross-cultural music experience group- is performing songs from their 2008 Independent Music Award finalist CD: “Maktoub” (destined) at Copperfield Saturday December 12 at 9:00 PM.
This is the third time that they are Independent Music Awards finalist or winners in the world-music/fusion category.
They just had 2 songs nominated in the largest music awards of any kind in world history! L'amour en banlieue and Anaweyak JPFolks Awards Nominees page (

"Atlas Soul's blend of jazz, funk and Middle-Eastern/Arabic grooves is a fascinating sonic stew that will catch any listener's ear. This is their second appearance on our CD's compilation. We like'em, and you will too".
Global Rhythm Magazine

The musicians are:
Jon Simmons (USA) trombone, guitar, percs.
Jacques Pardo (France) guitar, sax, lead vocals
Anwar Maghreb (Morocco) lead vocals
Tim Paul Bass Weiner (USA) bass
Nadjim Kebir (Algeria) drums and percussion

World Music journalist Banning Eyre (Afrobeat worldwide) writes:
“What hits hardest about Atlas Soul’s sound is the natural funk of North African music and also powerful vocals, which span fluid, passionate Gnawa melodies and husky Raï hooks. There is great wisdom in a world-music outfit that embraces divergent genres (but not so many that the sound loses its identity)"

Atlas Soul’s music bridges the gap between Eastern and Western cultures. This is why they have been described as “cross-cultural-music-experience”

Atlas Soul sings in Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew and English. The lyrics speak of love, natural wonders, oppression, poverty, and of the melancholy of immigrants longing for their homelands.

Their motto is world-music-for-world-peace

Philosophically and politically, Atlas Soul hopes to inspire world peace through a fusion of music and culture that gets people to the dance floor.

Effortless cross-cultural blend with enticing results!

The hallmark of the North African musical tradition is an openness to others. Musicians from this culture effortlessly blend centuries-old rhythms, instruments and melodic concepts with modern ideas and innovations from the world over, creating a constantly changing panorama of styles. Jacques Pardo and Atlas Soul exemplify this spirit. In their second CD, Mabrouka, the group serves up a tantalizing stew of musical styles. The delighted listener hears the influences of jazz, Latin, flamenco, French hip-hop and the traditional North African music, all blended with the deft and sure hand of a master chef. Great vocals top off the warm and savory instrumental mix.

Mike Crager -

highly innovative and listenable, melodic and exciting.

Thank you for sending on this C.D. This is to use the old "cliche " something totally different. It is an exciting cornucopia of world music, and cultural rhythms blended and fused together to produce a sound which is both melodic and exciting. Superbly played, arranged, and produced this recording is highly innovative and listenable, and conjures up vivid images of exotic and far away places. I would certainly like to hear other work by Jacques Pardo and his group of talented Musicians. Great rhythms.
Best Wishes

John Reid - Keith Community Radio 102.8 FM Keith

Fantastic Album. Great stuff for our Radio Station

Alex Pijnen - BRTO Radio

Hello and Happy Halloween -
Just writing to let you know that I have received, and am thoroughly enjoying the copy of "Mabrouka" that you sent me (through RadioDirectX).
What a range of sound and style for a 5-trk EP: it's hard to believe that the first song and the last are from the same group. Beautiful, tight jazz....with excellent N.African-sounding rhythms. And the vocals are superb as well -- especially the combination on my favorite track "L'amour En Banlieue".
Thanks so much for sending the CD. I will debut it on my radio program ("The Echo Chamber" on KFAI-FM) one week from today. (I would debut it tonight except for the fact that we are doing a "spooky" Halloween type show....)
Give my best to the whole of Atlas Soul. I look forward to hearing & airing more...

Dr. StrangeDub (Michael Rose) - (

Really enjoying Atlas Soul's "Mabrouka". It's amazing how the band's different influences manage to blend themselves into one tight sound. "Angelo Mio" is such a hauntingly beautiful song of longing. The vocals really stand up to the richly textured music. It's a song we will cherish in our collection for many years. Kate Martinelli Ozcat Radio 91.5 Vallejo, California PS added you guys to our artists page: http://www.ozcatradio... (

Kate Martinelli - Ozcat Radio 91.5

Jacques, I love the album. I will play several tracks and put the album on rotation for the others DJ to play. I will let you know everytime I play the album. Thanks for making the music possible.

James Cervantes - KWVA

Feedback: An excellent release... Nice, tight, jazzy playing, with some very authentic Middle Eastern percussions (and vocals) on some tracks. I just love the track “L'Amour En Banlieue”....It reminds me of some of the best things done by Natacha Atlas.
This DJ is very much looking forward to the next Atlas Soul release.

Dr. StrangeDub (Michael Rose) - KFAI-FM

Hi Jacques Many Sincere thanks for the Cd you submitted to us. We have played it, and think that it is well worth having tracks from the CD included into our playlists. The character of the music style presented gives this CD a unique feel, with an individual personality presented inside it's contents. Great work, and we sure look forward to hearing from you in the future.
Kind Regards [masked]

Graham J Barclay - Soundwave FM