Past Meetup

Tuareg Guitarist: Bombino


I caught a terrific performance from Bombino (half acoustic, half smokin' electric) at the Green River Festival this summer. Check out his music here:

Four thousand years of living in a hostile environment taught the Tuareg that the will to survive with dignity intact is stronger than any external threat. Bombino puts that sentiment to music, writes its anthem, and gives it a life of its own. He is known as being emblematic of the next generation of Tuareg, a new voice of the Sahara and Sahel, fusing traditional Berber rhythms with the energy of rock and roll and songs about peace. After thirty years of drought, rebellion, and tyranny, Bombino extols his audience to remember who they are, but also realize who they can be.

More info and ticket info here (get tix asap!):

Let's meet by the bar in the lobby (near the concessions table)