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Microsoft New England Research and Development Center

1 Memorial Drive · Cambridge, MA

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Upon arrival, you must show a government issued, photo ID to Security and sign the attendee roster. Take an elevator to the 11th floor and walk through the glass doors. At our check-in desk, type in your first or last name, to print your name tag.

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Free event! Come learn about several great approaches to developing mobile apps for your startup or later-stage business, and bring your questions for our experts!

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Whether engaging and servicing mobile app users is your core business, an add-on service or just a lead-generator, there are likely multiple options that will work for you! Key factors in making your decision are your long-term goals, product needs, budget and team skill set.


1. Native Mobile App Development (Xcode/iOS & Android Studio) and cross-platform App Development using PhoneGap & Ionic with Mobinett Interactive (

Native iOS and Android app development offer the most capabilities and least limitations, but require much more effort versus methods of cross-platform app development. Ionic is a powerful HTML5 SDK that helps you build native-feeling mobile apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The PhoneGap framework allows developers to wrap this web code into "hybrid" mobile apps, which are part native.

Mobinett Interactive specializes in building engaging mobile products! Over 5 years, Mobinett has partnered with clients of all sizes, to bring 60+ awesome mobile and web apps to life. Their experts in strategy, user experience, design and development, focus on each client’s specific goals and needs to deliver quality, scalable, end-to-end custom solutions on all major platforms (frontend: iOS, Android, Web/HTML5 & Windows / backend: Java/J2EE, JavaScript, PHP, .NET). ( / [masked] /[masked]

2. Xamarin Mobile App Development with Lexicon Systems (

Lexicon Systems is a recognized expert on Xamarin technology, with a book published by Apress entitled Xamarin Mobile Application Development by our founder and chief consultant, Dan Hermes. This book is recommended reading for the Mobile and Cloud Computing course at Harvard and is the only book on its topic in the MIT library.

Lexicon Systems develops award-winning technology and mobile strategies and apps for market leaders large and small. We provide services ranging from Xamarin mobile app and Microsoft .NET design and development to strategy, architecture, training, and best practices. Our clientele includes Fidelity, TJX, and Computerworld Magazine, as well as many mid-size companies and start-ups. We help firms align their business with the mobile technology environment and: • Advise on app development tools and techniques • Help with the integration of web and mobile approaches • Help companies architect their systems to include mobile components • Help align staff, skills, and processes • Build award-winning apps to help companies reach their goals. (

3. Native Mobile App Development With Umajin (

Umajin delivers a new and innovative way to rapidly build brand-first mobile applications. Umajin's unique “design-led agile” approach brings designers and developers together in a single tool, to deliver high-performance IoT ready native apps that work across platforms and devices.

Umajin quickly and easily bridges the gap between mobile app demand and supply by replacing traditional coding approaches and increasing the pool of people who can deliver apps. Umajin provides all the performance and top user experiences offered through traditional methods – but without the time, cost and complexity. This translates to getting apps to market in days, not months.

The flagship product Umajin App Creator is changing the paradigm for rapid mobile application development (RMAD) with a visual, code-free editor that enables designers to create front-end branding and content, while developers focus on extending the platform with JavaScript and integrating backend systems. (

4. Continuous Delivery and Emerging Market App Development with Jana (

Jana's mission is to make the internet free for the next billion! Today, that means Android users in emerging markets, especially India, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico and China. Jana's product, mCent, has an audience of over 30 million members and offers free data in exchange for brand engagement. App developers can partner with Jana to promote their apps. (

Jana's talk will discuss:

• Jana Overview and Technology Stack

• Continuous Delivery: Experiments and Feature Flags, Thin Client Applications and Staged Rollouts

• Emerging market considerations and Internationalization with OneSky


Each of our presenters will give an overview of their technology, covering the core features, capabilities and differentiation. They’ll demonstrate their technologies live, show example applications and answer questions from the audience. Key questions to be answered include:

1. What type of users is the technology geared towards and what qualifications do they need to use it effectively?

2. What are your technology's options and pricing, including one-time and ongoing costs?

3. If your technology isn't free, what does the free trial or free level of service offer?

4. What are the technology's licensing terms? Do you provide the source code for developers to enhance or integrate custom services with?

5. What limitations does your product have that don’t make it a great fit for certain applications?

Partner & Venue Host:

Microsoft New England ( was founded with the recognition that the greater Boston area is home to the world’s leading universities, cutting edge technology and the vibrant investment and emerging growth company community, and our campus plays a leading role in building our presence among these communities. (


6:00 to 7:00 - Networking with dinner - visit the company tables!

7:00 to 7:10 - Announcements

7:10 to 8:30 - Presentations, Questions & Answers

8:30 to 9:00 - Meet the presenters at their tables.

9:00 - Please exit the floor. You may finish conversations in the lobby.

Directions & Parking:

Microsoft's building has a parking garage in the basement, which is $10 after 4 PM. MIT offers FREE parking in any non-gated lot ( on campus after 5 PM. MIT's Hayward St Lot ( is the closest (park in the white spaces, not the yellow). Memorial Drive has free parking, but the spaces in front of NERD have a 1 hour limit. Other area streets have metered parking.

Public Transportation: Microsoft NERD is a 5 minute walk from the Kendall Square MBTA station ( on the Red Line.

Get directions & more info here (

Upon Arrival:

Show a government issued, photo ID to Security and sign the attendee roster. Take an elevator to the 11th floor and walk through the glass doors. At our check-in desk, type in your first or last name, to print your name tag.


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