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D&D&D (Dungeons & Dragons & Drinking)

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It has come to my attention that nobody reads the discussion boards. So I'm just posting this as a suggested meetup. I'm willing to run a once-off D&D v.3.5 session on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

This will be n00b friendly for those who have never played. It will not be n00b friendly for those who have never been drinking.

The rules are still being determined, but there will be bonuses for drinks drank... er... drunk, whatever. Drinking helps your character.

I need a location. I need a date/time. And I need some players.

My one hard & fast rule is that I cap the number of players (not counting me) at 5. I find more than that to be impossible to organize.

This will be a streamlined version of D&D for time's sake (no encumbrance, no spell components, etc.)

And, lastly, please don't sign up if you're not sure you're willing to commit at least 4 hours on a weekend day.