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This is a PRIVATE bunco group and you need an invitation from an existing member to join. We want to respect our member's privacy since we are hosting in each other's homes and we don't want that information to be public knowledge.

We get together every third Friday to play bunco! We rotate being the host and providing dinner for the group. Cost is $8 ($5 to play bunco and $3 to play half time game)

Please be courteous by acknowledging that you received the invite by RSVP'ing either YES or NO.

When you join our bunco group, we ask that you either host or co-host at least once every 18 months. As a host, you are required to provide a full dinner and beverages for 16-24 people. If your house is too small to host a bunco game then you can find a co-host who has a bigger home and share the dinner provisions.

As the host, you can try to accommodate people's food sensitivities but it is up to each individual to contact the host about their food preferences. You can ask people to bring their own food if you are not able/willing to accommodate their needs.

Jan - Darla & Denise & Lillie (Dana's house) -- WHITE ELEPHANT
Feb - Kristina & Heather P (Kristina's house)
Mar - Carolyn or TJ as backup
Apr - Faith
May - Leigh, Corene, Cheryl O (Leigh's house)
Jun - Dana
July - Virginia
Aug - Brandie & Shelley (Brandie's house)
Sep - OPEN
Oct - OPEN
Nov - Claire
Dec - OPEN

Jan - Carolyn & JL (Julie Lynn)
Feb- Kristina & Amber
Mar - Dana
Apr - Corene & Claire (Claire's house)
May - Leigh & Corene & Cheryl
Jun - Sally & Lorene at InSpark (was Margaret)
July - Denise (Monica's)
Aug - Brandie
Sep - Sally & Darla at Dana's house
Oct - Corina & Monica (Corina's house)
Nov - Claire & Janet
Dec - Dana & Michelle (Dana's house)

Feb - Heather P & Chas (Dana's house)
Mar - Gina, Jinny & Mariah (Gina's house)
Apr - Heather K & Judith
May - Leigh, Corene and Cheryl (Leigh's house)
June - Monica & Margaret (Monica's house)
July - Paula, Marea (Marea's house?)
Aug - Brandie & Shelley (Brandie's house)
Sept - Dana, Jennifer A and Beverly (Dana's house)
Oct - Danni & TJ (Danni's house)
Dec - Corina -- SOCK EXCHANGE

Jan - Kristina, Chas (Kristina's house)
Feb - Gina, Jinny (Gina's house)
Mar - Sally, Chas (Dana's house)
Apr - Corrine
May - Carolyn, Corina (Carolyn's house)
June - Margaret, Megan (Margaret's house)
July - Paula, Marea (Paula's house)
Aug - Brandie
Sept - Cheryl, Corene (Leigh's house)
Oct - Heather P & Kristina (Kristina's house)
Dec - Corina & Danielle (Corina's house) -- SOCK EXCHANGE

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