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WHAT: The Bothell Writer's Workshop is a group for professional, semi-professional, and aspiring writers who live in the Southern Snohomish County/North of Seattle Eastside areas (or desire writing with new friends in this area). I'm a fiction writer and looking for similar writer friends in the area to start a good work-shopping group with!

WHERE: We'll meet regularly in downtown Bothell or Lynnwood at places like Cafe Ladro, Woods Coffee, McMenamin's School, the public library, and the like.


HOBBYIST WRITERS: This section is for people looking to workshop their works of fiction, write silently, write in good company with good conversation, discuss writing styles, tips and tricks, and just have some good supportive camaraderie while you go down your own personal writing path.

PROS: There is also a Pro section of this group that is ONLY for people who are actively working with agents to discuss the special issues that arise from that part of your writing career. This can also be a workshop, discussion, and silent writing time around other pros in the area. Please ONLY attend these sessions if you are ACTIVELY working with/seeking an agent, not just have this on your 'someday' list.






There are a few RULES to observe, so please don't join if you plan on breaking any of these (it will save everyone time):

1. No selling anything of any kind to anyone in the group. We really really don't want your leggings, oils, cbd products, or pyramid schemes.
2. No smoking/drugs/drinking during or before group. We're looking to make a good supportive, SUCCESSFUL, group and not being in a clear state of mind is not conducive to that. If you plan on being high or drunk at meetings, then please don't join. Please be smell-sensitive to not cigarette smoking at/right before meetings either.
3. No conversation hogs. You agree to allow others an equal amount of discussion and workshop time each week. If you break this rule, we will gently remind you to observe it. If you break it twice, we will ask you to abstain from attending the next meeting. Three times, you're out. I've been in many writing groups with attention hogs, so this rule was made to break that convention for everyone's benefit. This guarantees that you'll get equal opportunity discussion leading time! Yay!
4. [Another rule to-be-agreed upon by others in the group.] Most of us have been a part of groups in the past that haven't quite lived up to expectations, so i'm hoping to form this group with a little guidance building on that in better ways. So bring your ideas to make this group the best it can be!

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