What we're about

Do you own your impact?

By being in business for ourselves we can often best control our lives. We become happier, busier, more fulfilled.

By gathering together, we pool our talents. We learn from each other. We expand our resources, our friends.

This MeetUp is predominantly an unpretentious business network, permitting speakers from within the group to prepare presentations for each other, specifically to sell, synergize, and enhance their business.

We are polite peers. While the presenter understands they are soliciting advice, everyone is treated with respect.

We permit the novice. We believe that the more benevolently you behave to your clients and friends, the better the business.

Better Better Better is about making social businesses. We do our business in the light of day, all the better to be seen.

Nobel Laureate Muhammed Yunus defines a Social Business as having a primary social mission (instead of a profit-incentive). This means competitive salaries, impassioned work, and enobled enterprises.

We believe increased accountability is edging all businesses closer to this prototypical Social Business, even if only for their own growth. Our culture honors transparency.

We do not require anything of attendees. Consider this an unqualified invitation for attendance, though any display of rudeness is grounds for exclusion.

We all make an impact, like it or not.

Be in control. Be better.

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