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I like books. You like books. Let's have a beer and talk about books.

This will be something of an experimental book club. The focus of my last book club was more on open-ended discussion with the selected books serving as catalysts for conversation rather than a strict conversational focus. Because of this, we encouraged our members to show up even if they hadn't read the books. In this way, they could instead tell us about the books they did read that month. However, very few people ever took us up on this, even as our member count swelled and our attendance stagnated.

I've grown weary of trying to select books to keep everyone (including myself) happy, so instead I thought I'd try creating a new group that is built from the ground up on member controlled reading. Instead of having an assigned book for each meeting, this group will simply meet roughly once a month to drink beer (or lesser beverages if you prefer) and talk about the books we've recently read. You can read classic fiction, you can read popular science books, you can read fantasy, you can read mystery, you can really read whatever the hell you want, so long as you come and tell me about it.

As with the last club, the books will merely be catalysts for conversation, so while we will try to focus on them, if they take us off to talk about something else, so be it. And if no one shows up, then I'll just sit there and drink and read, which is what I'd be doing anyway.

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Book Reports- Classic

License No 1

This will be the fourth meeting of Boulder Book Reports, the original bookless book club. There is no assigned book. There is only a time and place. Stop by and tell us what books you have been reading this past month. If it's open, I usually like to grab the table in the northeast corner by the pool table, but we might also take the big table in the main room. In any case, I'll be the bald beardy bibliophile bastard imbibing booze behind a bundle of books. You can't miss me.

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Book Reports- March

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