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This group is for anyone interested in better understanding themselves. Meditation, Observation, Dream Yoga etc. are all tools that we have at our finger tips to better understand our internal reality. Just as we know the world around us, we can know the rich inner life we cary within. Exploring our Emotions, understanding a busy Mind, and creating a more balanced well being will be the main focus of this groups meetups. There are numerous areas of study, all of which aim at directing our attention from our external lives, to our internal lives. By combining the different topics, as well as the wise use of practicing meditations, we will all explore the capacities we have to radically change our lives.

Past events (10)

Gnostic Studies - Need, Greed, Bliss

3170 Broadway

Gnostic Studies - The Two Lines of Life

3170 Broadway

Gnostic Studies - The four Ways

3170 Broadway

Gnostic Studies - Introduction to Gnosis


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