Past Meetup

Boulder Designers, May 28th, Changing trends in web design with Angela Bowman


Boulder Designers meeting 4th Tuesday new location

Amadeus Consulting Group Inc
1995 57th Court North #200, Boulder, CO

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.

Angela Bowman, a local WordPress website developer and instructor with Boulder Digital Arts, will discuss changing trends in web design and how you need to adjust your approach to design as a result.

In the past, designing for web involved picking a fixed width for a design and designing graphic elements within that width with perhaps a body background that filled the rest of the screen. Today, we have more device sizes than ever, and we have no control over the width that our websites will be displayed on. For print designers, this is a particularly challenging concept: how to create designs and graphic elements that are “friendly” to dynamic resizing.

Angela will help rewire your brain to think responsive and talk about:

Design elements that are nearly impossible to code in CSS and why CSS 3 properties that can be used instead of graphic images, such as shadows, gradients, and rounded corners @media queries and how they are used to change up the design for mobile devices Four different screen sizes you should always design for
If you have any specific experiences or challenges you’ve faced in your website designs either in relation to CSS or responsive/mobile design, please contact Angela by May 8th, so she can include that in the presentation if it fits.

We will have a potluck. Please bring a dish to share.

Hope to see you there!

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