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Want to meet other elite athletes to compare notes on getting and maintaining sponsorship, building your social media presence, coaching, physical therapy and other tools of the trade?

I'm the inventor of the Deep Recovery tools which I launched on Kickstarter. My tools will be available at meetings for anyone who wants to try or use them, along with a large collection of other myofascial release tools you've probably never seen before, from Europe and more mundane places.

I plan to bring in experts to talk about social media, sponsor management, PT and more.

Please know I will not be promoting my products. I sell worldwide online and through Amazon and these are very efficient mechanisms. I need to get out of my office and meet the people I design my tools for to better understand your challenges.

So to sum this up, my goal is is to get out into the community by bringing elite athletes together to learn from and support each other.

Just as I am not creating this group to promote my products, this group is not an appropriate place for anyone else to promote their services either.

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