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Calling all paleo foodies who are also looking for more community, socialization and authentic connection. If you've been part of the paleo movement for long, you know it's about more than the food. Potlucks and meals are a must and we also honor the healthy impact of fun, laughter and physical fitness that our ancestors enjoyed naturally. Whether dancing, hiking, or socializing over game night, we'll provide or create opportunities to do this with healthy paleo snacks nearby. Beyond the healthy food and fun, we value more mindful opportunties to relax and soothe our souls from modern life and over-activated nervous systems. With this in mind, we will offer gatherings to practice relaxation techniques or mindfulness meditation. Come join a growing community focused on holistic health with a full range of vibrant fun activities, slow, mindful food, and relaxed lifestyle practices while building authentic connection and supportive community.

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Time for some Springtime Grillin!

Mary Kay's House

Enjoy Dinner out at Blooming Beets restaurant!

Blooming Beets Kitchen

Come share in food and fun at the February Potluck

Needs a location

Let's hook up with Boulder Paleo Potluck in Golden!

Needs a location

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