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This group is all about getting together with folks living in Boulder and surrounding areas who come from a different country, or are married to / partnered with someone from a different country, or who have lived abroad and miss interacting with from outside the US, or who love interacting with people from different countries and cultures The purpose of the group to have fun and meet new people from different places to learn about said interesting people What we'll do: Anything and everything, including international dinners where everyone brings something (potluck / bring & share) movie evenings, pub crawls, beer and wine tastings, cocktail evenings, attending local events , hikes, walks, biking days-out, skiing excursions, cookie swaps and the like. What we do is dictated by who joins us and what your interests are! You're welcome to join us - languages, genders, ages, sexual preferences, hobbies, interests etc. of all types very welcome. It takes all sorts to build an interesting and vibrant community!

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The Daughters of Kobani - A virtual book discussion

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Film Festival week 6 - The Florida Project

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Film Festival week 5 - Pan's Labyrinth

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