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Classic Solo Tantric Energy Orgasm Practice Session
" Healthy, clear sexy and free, that's me. I'll be back again and again for this evening." C. M. You too? Here's the scoop: This is a solo practice. We will lie on our mats heads inward with lots of space to our rights & lefts. This is about your own life force energy. Energy orgasms will clear the body of repressed emotions, are safe sex & a great party trick! Energy orgasms can be an extremely spiritual experience, giving you a sense of the forces of creation rushing through you, a sense of going beyond the body/mind, reminding you who you are beyond your everyday reality. Incredible! Some are very strong, and some are wonderfully subtle. Generally, the more time you put into building up the energy, the more powerful the sensations. You’ll experience “electricity” shooting through your entire body, hands and lips tingle, and there is a sense of release and receiving at the same time. You will feel high, euphoric, light-headed. Here's a preview. See how well you can do on your own or with a practice partner. • Lay down on a firm surface, i.e. hard bed, carpet, sandy beach, grass. Bend your knees up. (Also try it standing or sitting.) • Take a few relaxing breaths. Empty your mind. Let go of tension. Settle in. • Begin to take deeper breaths. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth like you are blowing out birthday candles. Make them completely “circular”. • Rock your pelvis, arching your lower back on the inhale, flattening on the exhale. Squeeze the pubo-coccygeus muscles (the muscles you squeeze to stop the flow of urine) on the exhale. These squeezes can actually stimulate the clitoris and G-spot, while pumping up energy throughout your entire body. In other words, inhale while filling your belly like a balloon, exhale and flatten your back while contracting the PC muscles. Repeat continuously. Your knees may open and close like butterfly wings. Let the breathing and contractions be erotic. Energy follows thought, so use your mind to begin to pull in energy from the earth/atmosphere into the perineum (the area between your anus and your genitals • Build fire in the sex center (1st and 2nd chakras). • Circulate the energy back and forth. When this area is well “lit,” go up to the belly area and start circulating from pussy to belly, pussy to belly (2nd and 3rd chakras)… circulate until the fire is burning stronger. . Go to the next level—the heart. Circulate from belly to heart, belly to heart (3rd and 4th chakras). . Now try the throat. Circulate from heart to throat, heart to throat (4th and 5th chakras). When the energy moves up, you may automatically make some sounds. Keep circulating between the heart and throat, until you feel the energy move up to the Third Eye. . Circulate the energy from throat to Third Eye, throat to Third Eye (5th and 6th chakras). . Circulate from the Third Eye to the top of your head (7th chakra). At a certain point it may feel like the energy is shooting out the top of your head, like water out of a hose. Soon, you will kick into full-body orgasm. Go with it. Your breathing patterns will change. You may scream, you may “melt,” you may laugh hysterically, you may feel your back arch and your fists may clench. Be patient. Some get it on their first try and for some it can take years. Keep practicing. One of the most important keys to learning this technique is KNOWING that it is possible. This technique is based on the Fire Breath Orgasm, taught by Harley Swiftdeer. According to Harley, the Cherokees would do fire breath orgasm in their ceremonies and it was an important part of sex education and healing. Variations of the F.B.O. are found in all the sexually knowledgeable cultures of the past. Good luck! As you receive pleasure the whole universe receives pleasure through you. Didn't quite get it? Didn't even try? No worries. Bring water, Groups not for you? Schedule an Individual or Couples Session Free 20 minute chat.

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Journeys to Tantric Bliss is dedicated to educating modern minds on the ancient secrets of Tantra. Tantra. It's a path of meditation…what sets it apart from other ‘paths’ is that it looks to the wisdom of the body and the senses as a means to becoming more present and alive in every aspect of our life. Tantra sees lovemaking as an important key in accessing ‘bliss’ or ‘ecstasy’. Our bodies have a deep wisdom that modern life has become accustomed to ignoring. Tantra uses simple exercises including breath, movement, sound, and communication techniques to help us re-discover the wisdom of the body and uncover deeper and deeper levels of pleasure. The work of Tantric Bliss is an integration of all elements of life. It brings the essence of lovemaking and pleasure to all that one does, viewing relationship as a fertile ground for growth and self-awareness. Removing anything that stands in the way of an honest and loving connection and making way for delight in all things. Group facilitated by Judith aka Bliss who practices within the lineage of Margot Anand - Sky Dancing Tantra and OSHO. Guest presenters are scheduled periodically to enrich our Journeys to Tantric Bliss experiences. No nudity or explicit sexual activity. Held in a space of respect, safety and serenity. Journeys to Tantric Bliss - Additional Groups, 3 Days of Tantra Weekend Retreats, Couples and Singles Session information available at

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