The Art of Long Exposure Photography

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Join me and learn the art of long exposure photography. I'll be guiding you through both the technical and artistic aspects of long exposure photography. You'll learn the essentials of camera settings and the use of neutral density filters. I'll also teach you the art of seeing long exposure compositions.

Long exposure photography is a powerful way of altering the perception of time and movement through static imagery. Long exposure photography allows us to slow movement and completely changes the context and story of what we want to share.

Long exposure photography generally requires the use of neutral density filters. If you own neutral density filters, bring them. If you don't have any ND filters, you'll need to purchase at least one. However, If you're curious about what long exposure photography is, just show up and watch the demonstrations I'll be doing.


The location will depend on weather and cloud cover. I'll let all participants know the day before where we'll meet depending on what the forecast is. If there are clouds forecasted we'll meet at Chautauqua Park. If there aren't going to be any clouds we'll meet at Eben G. Fine Park and do long exposure photography at Boulder creek.


If you want to purchase neutral density filters please go to my affiliate link here: Click on the 5% rebate link. I can only offer you a 5% rebate discount if you purchase filters using my affiliate link. I'll reimburse you 5% of your purchase using PayPal or Venmo.


• One camera body and at least two fully charged batteries.
• One or two lenses covering a focal range from 24mm to 200 mm.
• Stable tripod (essential), you can't do long exposure photography without a tripod
• ND filters. You'll need at least a 3 stop ND filter. If you have darker filters like a 6,10 or 15 stop filter bring them.
• If you don't have ND filters you can bring a dark polarizer filter.
• LCD Loupe is you have one.
• Water
• Dress in layers

Enjoy the coming of spring and warm light and long days it brings.

I hope you see you all in April.