What we're about

We are a peer-based support group for people who are dealing with social anxiety disorder. If you are a fellow-struggler, I would very much like you to join. Attendance is free, and you are welcome to join at any time.

The group provides a forum for people who have social anxiety disorder to come together to make friends, share and learn from each other’s experiences, exchange information and ideas, discuss therapeutic approaches, practice social skills, perform cognitive-behavioral therapy exercises, and learn how to cope with, and eventually overcome, this difficult condition.

The group provides a gentle, open, safe, and supportive environment of like-minded people who understand the unique challenges of social anxiety. No one is called upon, put on the spot, or pressured to participate in any discussion or activity that makes them feel anxious or uncomfortable. Every member always has the option of saying “pass” if they do not wish to participate in a particular activity. Members are welcome to attend meetings without saying a word to anyone if they so choose.

As a person who experiences social anxiety, I know how hard it can be to join a support group. I also know how desperately you may want to connect with other people who can understand exactly what you’re going through. I encourage you to take the first step. It may change your life.

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For a variety of reasons, the support group meetings have been suspended until further notice. If anyone would like to take over the management of the group, please let me know via e-mail. Thanks.