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Struggling with your Math, Science or STEM courses? Have no fear, help is here! Join group review sessions led by a tutor with over 15 years experience tutoring college level courses.

The purpose of this group is to organize and host group review sessions for college level courses. The idea is to provide a more affordable option for students who need assistance but can’t afford the really high rates of tutors in the Boulder area.

The long-term goal is to create a community of highly knowledgeable & experienced tutors/teachers who can lead regular group review sessions. While most sessions will have a fixed fee, in time, we hopefully can adopt a “Pay What You Can” model, where students pay what they can afford for the session. No one should be deprived of access to great teachers because of financial reasons.

Please use the social media links above to share this page with your friends, classmates or total strangers!


Finals are coming up fast! I’ll hold group sessions once or twice a week to review the material covered over the past week. We’ll also review material from earlier in the semester to prepare for finals. Please vote in a poll for a time that works best for you and I’ll set up meetups at the most popular times. https://www.meetup.com/Boulder-Tutors/polls... (https://www.meetup.com/Boulder-Tutors/polls/) There is a poll for each course on pages 2->4, please only vote for courses you are currently taking.

Precalc: MATH 1150
Calculus 1-3: Math 1300/2300/2400, APPM 1350/1360/2350
Differential Equations: APPM 2360
General Chemistry 1-2: (CHEM 1113/1133)
Physics 1: (PHYS 1110/2010)

As this community grows, we'll be able to offer group tutoring sessions for more courses. If there’s a course that you would like a group session for that isn't listed above, please post a message on the Discussion board: https://www.meetup.com/Boulder-Tutors/discu... (https://www.meetup.com/Boulder-Tutors/discussions/)


There are a few midterm reviews scheduled. If you want a review for a midterm, message me ASAP and I'll get one set up.

********* SUMMER SEMESTER REVIEWS ***********
Vote for a summer review here: https://www.meetup.com/Boulder-Tutors/polls... (https://www.meetup.com/Boulder-Tutors/polls/) (includes more courses than listed above, including Biology, Econ). If a course you're taking over the summer isn't listed, please message me or post a message on the Discusson board and I'll see if I can organize a group review session. https://www.meetup.com/Boulder-Tutors/discu... (https://www.meetup.com/Boulder-Tutors/discussions/)

My priority is to facilitate group sessions, however, if you need 1-on-1 assistance, feel free to message me. Hopefully I, or someone in the community, can help out. I also may be able to provide suggestions on other services or resources that can be of help.

I love teaching! Need more info? I have a Masters in Engineering and I've been tutoring college & high school students for over 15 years (professionally for the last 10 years). Nothing makes me happier than helping students learn to love math & science.

Join me on this journey, we'll have fun, I promise!

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