Dodging the crap: Behavioral Science of Great Gamification

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Zayo Group (New office next to Starbucks)

Zayo Group, 1821 30th St A · Boulder, co

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There are multiple Zayo Group offices in the mall, so take a look at the map! If you can find the Starbucks, the location is around the corner, past the kids play area.

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Let's be honest- there's a lot of crappy gamification out there. There are countless ways to get it wrong, and copy-pasting points, badges, and leaderboards onto your app because gamification is supposed to increase engagement is a recipe for disaster.

In this talk, Rob Haisfield ( will help you gain a better understanding what makes good gamification good and what makes bad gamification bad. You'll learn about what we can take away from the design of real games and the behavioral science mechanisms that give us an idea of why and when those game elements will work.

Rob is a behavioral product strategist for Spark Wave, a startup studio that applies social science, strategic thinking, and iterative experimentation to create socially beneficial software companies from scratch. In addition to his work with Spark Wave, he runs a behavior design and gamification consultancy for tech products called Influence Insights. In his work, he applies behavioral science and video game design principles to tech products to influence user behavior and perceptions with the end goal of improving user and business outcomes.