What we're about

WHAT: a spring and summer group of fun and casual atmosphere of conversation. (NON political) Topics will be varied. Sometimes topics will be prearranged; other times will be spontaneous. I have a quick playful wit, if you enjoy humor you will enjoy this.

WHERE: various coffee houses, or dining venues in Boulder, Louisville area. Whole Foods, Brewing market, Starbucks are examples.

WHEN: around twice per month. A brunch or breakfast once a month. Days will be varied to allow something for everyone.

WHO:anyone - singles or couples interested in dialogue and interaction with others

NO SHOW POLICY: >No shows are a no no. If you rsvp as attending and change your mind, you must amend rsvp or call/text me. 2 no shows are grounds to be dropped.

I hope you enjoy these interactions.

Marty b

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Alfalfa's Market (Community Room)

*this is one of the most fun discussions I put on. It’s repeated 3 times a year A) TO MINIMIZE NO SHOWS, I ASK FOR YOUR CELL NUMBER AT THE QUESTION AS YOU RSVP. (IM THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES IT) B) *IF YOU RSVP "YES" AND CHANGE YOUR MIND, PLEASE HAVE THE COURTESY TO AMEND, OR CONTACT ME[masked] this will be in the Alfalfas private community room: Located in rear of store, and upstairs. If you cant find it, ask an employee. This is a group discussion focused on online dating, dating in general and relationships. ("relationships" can include friendships, family, and married couples as well) THE ATTENDEES WILL CREATE THE TOPICS. *FORMAT IS AS FOLLOWS: Table host chooses a person and that person will bring up a topic. Can be from suggested list below, or own topic. That topic will be discussed by EVERYONE until table host says it’s time to move on. Then next person chooses a topic and same routine. (Typically, in a 2 hour event, between 6-8 topics are discussed). BELOW ARE EXAMPLES OF TOPICS. IF YOU LIKE ONE OF THE TOPICS BELOW, YOU MAY CHOOSE THAT AS YOUR TOPIC. REMEMBER, THESE ARE JUST SAMPLES. YOU ARE FREE TO CREATE ANYTHING THAT INTERESTS YOU. Examples of topics might be 1. What was your worst first date ever? What was the best? 2. What is the best way to meet someone? Is online dating a good way? What are some of the good and not so good sites? 3. What do you look for most in a dating profile? 4. What do people lie most about in profiles? 5. Should marriage licenses have an expiration date and have to be renewed like most other licenses? 6. Does a transgender (preop or post op) need to disclose that on a date, or dating website? 7. What is the best venue for a first time meeting someone? 8) how do you handle the situation regarding a toxic family member? 9. Can you be "just friends" with an ex if one of you still has romantic interest in the other? 10. How do you meet new friends? Have you ever befriended someone where you felt soon afterwards, "ooops!" and what did you do about it? 11. Have you ever dated a friends ex boyfriend or girlfriend? 12. People who keep finding the “wrong” types. Why does this happen?