Create the Great Horned Owl Preserve - N. Boulder


Want to help create a new Great Horned Owl Preserve in N. Boulder? Thank you so much for all you emails and meetings attended to date - we are cautiously optimistic on winning the Feb 15, 2017 Boulder County Planning Commission vote and creating a wonderful place for people and Owls!

On Feb 14, 2017 the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) is deciding whether to create the Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space or allow the bulldozing of the Owl Hunting Meadow.

We will call upon the school board to not sell off for profit the most important Owl Habitat in Colorado but to donate their ten acre half of the Owl Hunting Meadow to become the Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space in North Boulder. This will also encourage Boulder County to return their ten acres to the public as well. More than 100,000 people visits occur each year at Twin Lakes with many coming to see these amazing birds of prey. BVSD was given the land with the condition it become a park or a school - not for building of 150 apartments.

Our dream is that by creating the Owl Education Center more than 10,000 school children each year will be able to experience the majestic Twin Lakes Owls and witness the miracle of Baby Owls learning to fly. These wonderful nature hikes will be guided guided by teachers and students and Owl Preserve volunteers.

This spring we hope that thousands of Boulder Valley School District students will have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and help ecologists restore the twenty acre Owl Hunting Meadow to rich short grass native prairie with abundant wildflowers.

Can you come help speak to honorable school board members? Many of them are unaware that BVSD is about to destroy the home of Colorado's most visited Owls and will want to help create the Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space if you encourage them to do so. All you have to do is say "I am grateful for your help in creating the Owl Education Center at the Owl Preserve and Open Space".

Boulder County planners will vote on the future of the Owls the next day so this meeting is super important- if 100 people show up to the board meeting I believe we will win! Sign up is at 5:45 pm prior to the 6pm meeting start but even if you are late you can still sign up to speak. You can also sign up in advance by calling the BVSD board secretary at[masked].

Whether you speak a minute or two minutes or just be in the audience there is no better way to express your love for nature and for Owls on Valentines Day! Please do bring a date or good friend for this special event. Kids/students are welcome to speak.

For more information and to sign the Owl petition please visit: or contact
Ken Beitel, Chair of Wilderness Conservation
Twin Lakes Owl Preserve and Open Space
email: [masked]
m. [masked]

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