Past Meetup

Paul Stanton - Windocks


(meeting is on Tue rather than Wed due to having an out-of-town speaker who can attend meetings at Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs)

Presentation Description

Windocks has released an independent port of Docker’s open source to Windows. As such, we provide an alternative to Microsoft’s implementation released last fall in Windows Server 2016, and Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 10. We add-value to the community by supporting a broader range of the Windows OS family, including all editions of Windows 8 and 10, Windows Server 2012 and 2012r2, and Windows Server 2016. We also support the full technology stack, including all editions of SQL Server 2008 onward, .NET, Java, and other open source projects. Microsoft has been quiet on their plan for SQL Server container support, and today their “image” support is limited to SQL Server 2016 Developer edition, and an evaluation of SQL Server vNext. In addition to limited image support, Microsoft will be introducing new license terms for use of SQL Server in Microsoft’s containers, and these new terms have not yet been disclosed. The Windocks implementation uses a local default SQL Server instance, with containers created as new named instances on the host, so no new licensing is needed. Existing SQL Server licenses support named instances (in Windocks case “named” instances = containers). Windocks 1.0 was released in April of 2016, and has been adopted largely for delivery of SQL Server environments for Dev and Test. Teams use a single server, with each developer working on isolated container instances, with environments delivered in seconds (up to a minute or two depending on size of DB). Most teams reduce the number of VMs used by a factor of 5-10x. One customer has shared their experience in use of containers here: